Deep Render is a Deep Tech startup founded to liberate the world of all bandwidth constraints by pioneering AI-Compression technology. Our compression codecs are based on a fundamental technology shift, representing over 100 years of progress in the industry. 

We’re leading the way in AI-Compression, having the world's first AI-Codec running in real-time on mobile devices. Our team comes with 50+ years of combined research experience with over 40+ filed patents.

Deep Render has recently raised its Series A funding round from top-tier investors and is looking to double/triple its current 20-person team. We’re in commercial engagements with some of the largest Big Tech companies in the world and expect hundreds of millions of people to use the Deep Render AI Codec by 2024.


The MLOps team at Deep Render builds novel and efficient pipelines, platforms and tools to accelerate and simplify the complex machine-learning workflow of our researchers. We are looking for a senior software engineer with DevOps experience, fluency in Linux and experience architecting and developing efficient large-scale software projects to lead the team. The role involves writing performant production code and working with other engineers in the team to propose elegant architectures and solutions to software problems using the best practices and technologies. 

Additionally, you’ll be maintaining, architecting and developing new features for our existing systems, such as our internal cloud compute platform.



  • Reduce workload complexities and boost efficiency for other teams by architecting and developing novel pipelines, tools and platforms
  • Leading the DevOps department
  • Rapid response to any technical issues reported or observed
  • High stability and minimal downtime of backend infrastructure


  • MSc in Computer Science or a related field (Mathematics, Physics, Engineering)
  • Experience writing production code in a performance-first language, eg Golang, C, C++, Rust, and proficiency in Python
  • Proficient in software architecture and experience designing backend applications which scale to thousands of users
  • Experienced in DevOps
  • Experience leading a team of engineers

Preferred skills:

  • A minimum of 3 years of experience, ideally in a machine learning start-up environment
  • An affinity for ML training hardware and an interest in GPUs

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We look forward to receiving your application for the position of SENIOR MLOPS ENGINEER